Saturday, February 9, 2019

Perfectly Posh Retired items I got such a deal

Perfectly Posh ran a special if you spent $59 you would get a Vial lip stain tin with three colors of your choice free! What? Yes it is true so I did. On top of that I shopped in the retired section. These products are all still so amazing Perfectly Posh just likes to be on trend and retire certain products. All the products I picked were 50% off plus if you buy 5 the 6th is free! So I got so much.

Vial lip stains
Left to right
Primer, Truth or Dare, Amazing Space
Apply primer, press lips together, wait 2 minutes, apply color of your choice and done

                                                         Pearl fectionist face mask
Oh wonderful mask with pearl powder and wonderful anti aging ingredients. Leave on 5 - 10 minutes

Mist and Shout rose water mist
Rose water and aloe
with 19 superfood plant extracts
So refreshing nice spray when you need a little moral boost and it is good for your skin.

Beach hair don't care. If I am at the beach I don't care just happiness

OK now we get into shimmer! The first one is Puttin on the Spritz love how subtle it is give your hair sheen and is healthy with organic aloe vera, glycerin and sea kelp.

Again it is subtle but gives your skin a beautiful sheen and has sweet almond oil, aloe vera, vitamin E and sodium hyaluronate for moisture. 

If you would like to see more or have your own shopping adventure you can visit my site

A little more about the products in my video below

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