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Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Beauty Corner (Ulta Free Gift August)

I love Ulta. They always have specials, coupons, freebies and awesome gifts with purchase. This month the free gift came with a few things I haven't tried and they did not disappoint. The brow tint is great I love it. I also fell for the Legendary lengths mascara and the gold and black glitter eye shadow set. I posted a few pictures below.

Gift includes:
  • Matte Lipstick in Basically Berry (0.134 oz.)
  • Blush/Highlighter Duo in Sunkissed (0.088 oz.)
  • Salon Formula Nail Lacquer in Bittersweet (0.2 fl. oz.)
  • Legendary Lengths Lengthening Mascara (0.3 fl. oz.)
  • Glitter Eye Shadow Top Coat in Maintenance/Gold Digger (0.081 oz.)
  • Eye Shadow Quad in Iceland, Moonbeam, Peacock and Sapphire (0.091 oz.)
  • Eye Shadow Quad in Innocence, Havana Nights, Buttercream and Blackout (0.091 oz.)
  • Eye Shadow Quad in Champagne, Aztec Gold, Verdigris and Molten (0.091 oz.)
  • Mineral Lip Gloss in Sheer Opal (0.169 fl. oz.)
  • Dual Ended Eye Liner in Black and Deep Brown (0.052 oz.)
  • Brow Tint in Light (0.176 oz.)
  • 3 pc travel brush set
  • $5 off coupon for future ULTA brand cosmetic or Brush purchase of $15 or more



Monday, August 10, 2015

Makeup Artistry by Deedee (Day of the Dead Disney)

If you have followed me for a bit you know how much I love fantasy makeup. I was so happy to participate in this shoot with a DOD Disney theme. Cool concept and although I have done Sugar Skull makeup it was not Disney. I worked on two characters Aurora and Lilo.

Model: Mandy Powers

Photographer: Allen Freeman

MUA: Deedee Madeupgirl

Model: Rae Cuenca

Photographer: Ellen Paik

MUA: Deedee Madeupgirl

This BTS picture was taken by Deanna Jones

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dream Analysis (How to get the most out of your dreams or make them go away)

I have been very interested in dream analysis for at least 20 years. If you take the time to record and decipher your dreams you can solve some of your waking situations, or at least how you deal with them.

I began researching dreams because of a reoccurring dream I had. My dream would always start with me looking at three Victorian houses in a row. I could feel emptiness behind me which in my dream was a very heavy feeling that I took to be the ocean or a cliff, but I never turn around. The houses were olive green, white and a beige two tone. I was aware of being outside while being overwhelmed by the largeness of what was behind me. I had this dream almost every night.

 I started keeping a note pad by the bed to record what I was dreaming about. I was surprised by how much information I was writing and going back to sleep. Reading my notes would bring back the memories of the dream like an actual event. It was really cool. I took myself into a deeper place in my dreams.

The dream progressed to the same three houses but then I would be in one of them. At first I was on the bottom floor, going room to room of dirt floors and spider webs. As I walked through I noticed none of the openings had doors. I was uncomfortable and always wanted to find a way out but couldn't. Then after awhile I would dream of a second floor, all pinks and ivory's with french provincial furniture. I would look around and say to myself "I hate this decor." It was well kept but not to my taste. As time went by my dream progressed to me finding a locked door. This door led to the outside of the second floor, but I could never open it. Night after night I would see the golden knob with no lock that would not open. Finally one day I opened it and walked up some outdoor stairs. I was in the olive green house! I can remember the butterflies in my stomach as I ascended the stairs. There was a door on the third floor and I was going to see what was on the third floor! When I got to the top of the stairs and opened the door and I woke up. I literally never had that dream again. This drove me mad! I spent time researching this and was able to do this analysis: The first floor of dirt and cob webs that I wanted to get away from was my Past. The second floor that I didn't like with the fancy pinks and french furniture was my present. The third floor was my future which obviously I can not predict. It was me trying to move forward in life. At that time that day I had just passed my test to be a licensed insurance agent. I believe that is why I did not have this dream anymore because I had found my future. (That was my future for a bit lol) 

Tools to self analysis of dreams:

Notepad and pen to record dreams

A website or book to help spark ideas on the meaning of each person, place or thing you are dreaming about. I use Dreammoods.com

You not only have to record what you see but how you feel about what you are seeing. This will help you figure out what is going on.

I have to warn you I got so into this that I was waking up a lot and dreaming way too much! I had a few years of very real feeling dreams and it finally became too much. It took me a year or two to train myself to sleep through the night again. I could go on for many blog posts of dreams I had and what they meant.

Nightmares: Now if you have reoccurring nightmares a few tricks I did to help.

If you are haunted by a bad dream sleep in a semi raised position like your head and torso up a bit.

 Don't watch scary stuff before bed. For awhile I was watching Sleepy Hollow, Walking Dead, The Following and Ghost Adventures and I started to have a lot of bad dreams. So I like to mix it up with HGTV right before I sleep. 

If you wake up from a bad dream change position if you don't you may not totally be out of the dream and can go right back. You should sit up and write what you experienced. You need to analyze this dream asap, as soon as you find out what your subconscious is trying to tell you the better. I had a vampire dream that really messed with me and maybe I will tell about it one day. Bottom line was the boyfriend I had at the time was not good for me and that is what it meant.


I do kinda believe that sometimes you can have a dream that is a premonition. I did have it happen to me about a friend I would meet and it was months before so????

I did do dream analysis as a side gig about 12 years ago.  I was pretty good and really enjoyed it. Many people shared their dreams with me and I was able to help them. I recently have thought of getting back into it...

How do you feel about your dream life?

*Photography by Madeupgirl

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Makeup Artistry by Deedee (Broken Doll Meets Alice)

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to work with Caitlin Litzinger and Allen Freeman for a special photo shoot. These awesome pictures are featured in Tres Jolie Magazine in the Goth Underground special issue that just came out. The magazine is really cool with lots of photos of all things wonderfully Gothic.

Reading the magazine I got inspired and really feel the need to do a Vampire shoot (I have never done one). I'm pretty much obsessed with Fantasy makeup.

I posted some of the photos of my makeup from the magazine below.

Model: Caitlin Litzinger @CaitlinLitz
Photographer: Allen Freeman @maknbacon
MUA: Deedee Jebrail Madeupgirl

 To purchase and read the magazine click here 

This one was not in the magazine but I love it

Thursday, July 2, 2015

What's in my Closet (What I wore to a casual wedding)

One of my best friends from high school just got married. It was a really cool ceremony and I got to see some old friends and classmates. I of course wanted to buy a new outfit but could not. Well I do have dresses, so I put a dress and crop top together and I was happy with my result.

After the wedding I decided to drive by my old high school and apartment where I grew up. We got coffee at a shopping plaza I went to all the time with my mom when I was a kid. I was going to go to the beach but we were overdressed and you have to pay now! I prefer the downtown Huntington Beach from the 1980's when it was a cute beach town. I wanted to share some of my photos below.

I also posted a picture from when I was a kid see if you can guess what year it is????

Huntington Beach High School

Dress: NY & Co
Crop top: Monteau
Shoes: Topshop
Necklace: Consignment shop
Bracelets: House of Paragon

Seacliff Village

The wedding

The apt I grew up in the way it looks now

This is what my apt looked like when I first moved to HB. Guess what year this is?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

What's in my Closet (Inspiration from another blogger)

I was reading one of my favorite blogs Lady Parisienne, and I saw an outfit similar to items in my closet. This inspired me to recreate the look and share with you. 

Top: Consignment shop
Skirt: Anthropologie
Bag: Steve Madden
Shoes: Avon
Sunnies: NY & Co.
Necklace: Burkes
Bracelet: House of Paragon
Belt: No tag   
Nail polish: Ulta Little Black Dress 

Passez une bonne semaine à tous!

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Beauty Corner (Freebies for my Birthday)

Just in case you didn't know you can join clubs from different companies, on your birthday you get freebies. My budget for my birthday was $0 but I can't just let the day go and be sad. So I spent my birthday going to these places and getting gifts. This is what I got.

Sephora: Nars lip pencils Rikugien (Pink)  & Cruella (Red)

Sephora also hooked me up with a bunch of samples

Ulta: Urban decay eyeliner color Voodoo

Starbucks: Free Coffee any size. (Have the app downloaded already)

Panera: Free coffee and pastry (I got that the other day)

Red Robin: Free Burger (I got the Guacamole bacon burger, fries, ice tea and a ice cream sundae for $3.98)

Itan: Free spray tan (I will be tan on Monday)

Life is short if you don't have money or whatever you think you need to be happy there is always a way to obtain a little fun or luxury...