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Thursday, May 21, 2015

What's in my Closet (All these purses)

I have a problem I can never find a purse that is functional and cute. I don't know why it is so hard to find a good bag. I find a lot of cute bags but then once I start to use them they are not functional. Straps that fall down, purses that get too heavy, too small, too big I don't know why I am having such struggle. I wish this was my biggest problem but I hate clutter and I think I should do something about this little dilemma.

I want to clean out some bags and can't decide what to keep, sell or toss. Please let me know what you think is a bag to toss, sell or keep.

mark. leopard bag. I love the looks of the bag but the straps do fall down.

Isabella Fiore one strap is good, super cute but it is a flap close and I prefer zipped bags.

Urban Expressions bag. I love the color. It has a magnetic closure and I feel it is for evening. The long strap I don't like so I use it as a clutch and I'm not really a clutch person.

This came from a consignment shop. It is zip top and so cute. I have used it a lot so it is worn. Double strap so it is forever falling off my shoulder. 

Brighton Fashionista Bag. My favorite bag. It does have a zip top but it is a little deep and I load it up with unnecessary items. Double straps again. 

This is another favorite I got it at Wilson's Leather shop for $10. It does have a zip top and these straps don't fall. It is very worn out and I have had it repaired once already. It is due to go back for repair but I love this bag. 

mark. I love this bag it is very stylish but too big.

Coach well I love this bag but it doesn't hold much and it is not a zip top. 

I am using this now. I got it in Vegas in a Stratosphere shop years ago. Strap falls but it is a zip top. It is getting worn out and is kinda boring.

I got this Coach bag for my 25th Birthday so I will keep it forever. I like the zip top and the front pocket for my phone. I don't like long strap though. 

Baby Phat bag. This was my favorite bag I wore it to death but don't have the heart to toss it. I can't use it due to the tears or can I? This is the perfect size, zip top, one strap and cute!

I got this on vacation years ago in Arizona the strap is too short but it is cute. Laurel Burch

I got this for free with purchase from VS and I love this for the beach or park this is a keeper. The rope straps are so soft. 

Steve Madden bag. This is a good bag for a evening out no complaints. I love the details too

mark. Bowling style bag. I love this bag but it is off white and I would prefer true white. I bought it online and thought it was white. 

So cute another bag I can't complain about except that it is a bit small.

mark. I really like this bag but it is a bit big and so many pockets I can't find anything.

This bag from Payless shoes is cute but a pain when I am paying for something at the store and it opens up all the way and shows off everything in my bag. Strap falls too. 

Miche bag. I love the color so much but the bag itself is not great the strap is a killer on my shoulder.

Apt 9 bag. I love the color. I bought this to go with a dress I no longer have so...

Rebecca Minkoff bag. I love this bag but I don't like the long strap. I keep it because it matches my favorite shoes perfectly. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Makeup Artistry by Deedee (Roaring 20's)

Here are some really cool pictures from a Roaring 20's theme shoot I did MU at. The 1920's is one of my favorite eras. It seems to me the people of that time knew how to have fun. They were also very creative with fashion and makeup.

What is your favorite era for Makeup and Fashion?

Photographer: Jim Holder
MUA: Deedee Madeupgirl

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Beauty Corner (e.l.f.)

I need to update my makeup kits. I purchased these at Target who has a nice selection of e.l.f. products. I'm always looking for the perfect brow pencil and I have to say I really like this one. The light is for blonde and it is darker than I was expecting but still works. The Lift end of the pencil is for directly under the brow and is Ivory in color. The Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder set has a light shimmer to it. I like it because it reminds me of an old mark. color that I loved. It does not come with a brush. I had my eye on some of the black pro brushes too. I have always bought the white ones but I have gotten so picky. I also was looking at Sonia Kashuk brushes and cases which were so cute that you shouldn't be suprised if my next blog post is about those brushes.

Anyone have an opinion on either e.l.f. pro brushes or Sonia Kashuk brushes?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Makeup Artistry by Deedee (LVictoria new video Rather Be Your Lover)

I had so much fun doing makeup for this video and helping out as part of the crew in general. LVictoria is such a sweetheart and very talented. It is fun and inspiring to work with people who are following their dreams. I have posted her video below as well as a BTS video too. I ended up being in the video myself so on my next gig I will be sure to do my hair & MU!

The weather that day went from sunny and hot to dark ominous clouds rolling in and really cold. I did a prior post about this which you can read or see the picture here.

Here is the BTS video.

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Beauty Corner (Lipsy London)

A couple of weeks ago I won this Lipsy London Pallet from Gabrielle who blogs at A Glass Of Ice
It is such fun to win a contest! I tend to mostly buy makeup and supplies for my professional kit and I myself don't get much. So I kept this gem for myself. The packaging is super cute and I like the color choices. It came with 6 eye colors and 2 lip colors. The lip colors are very light but I do like them. I love the eye shadows they are perfect for day use.The shadows are silky but not super pigmented which is why I call them day use. I don't wear a lot of makeup, I am kinda a run out the door person. I spend more time on skincare. I tried to get a picture of the makeup on but my camera is very temperamental (I need a new one) and my I phone 4 makes my look like a bobble head. It looks nice on and I have been using this makeup since I got it. Thank you again Gabrielle.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Beauty Corner (LUSH)

While in Vegas I went to the LUSH store. I love that store, it is full of all kinds of wonderful skincare and smells amazing. These are natural products and the people who work in the store are super friendly and knowledgeable. I ran out of face scrub so this was my perfect excuse to get something. This is what I got.

 Ayesha Face mask and Let The Good Times Roll face scrub.

The scrub smells like cookies and works very well for a mild to medium scrub. The scrub is a very fine paste. The face mask which must be kept in the fridge smells botanical. The face mask is only good for about two weeks. They told me I could get 3 uses out of it. That is true there is enough product to cover face, neck and decolletage. I felt and saw a difference when I used it after the scrub. I liked them both. I also got a few samples. Daddy-O purple shampoo (blondes know what that is) which I liked, it reminded me of Shimmering Lights by Clairol. Gorgeous and Shangri La moisturizers both are very nice and perfect for day use.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Scenery to Photograph (Spring in Las Vegas)

I had a few days in Vegas! This is my picture diary of some of the things I saw.

  Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio

We got the Dallas Burger and the Bobby's Blue Burger both really good. The Dallas Burger was the winner.
I was so hungry I didn't get photos but you can see them here.

Excalibur Buffet pretty good but I eat too much and then hate myself. If you do go to the buffet get the crepe they make it to order as you watch. I got cherry's, strawberry's with whip cream, chocolate and sugar. It was so good.

Stores, more stores than anyone can go to but here are a few you will like

                                I will be reviewing these Lush products in another post

                              Hershey's Store new since I last visited Vegas.

  All different flavors of Kisses




I thought this movie was really good. I liked the first one too. No I didn't read the book so...

Do you see the price for 3D and in a nice area. It is $18 a ticket where I live.
Good ole California $$$$